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The energy needs of technology have brought the environment and the economy to the breaking point.

We usually think of the energy crisis in terms of liquid petrochemical fuels that make such an imposing presence on national and personal budgets alike. While supplying the transportation requirements of civilization is certainly of utmost urgency, the production of electricity for the grid is the major source of harmful emissions.

Solar Power Wind PowerFortunately, nature provides free electricity in abundance-in a way, the universe itself runs on electromagnetic power. The sun bathes the globe with sufficient energy in two hours to supply the power needs of civilization for an entire year.

Harvesting power from nature has always been the province of back-to-the earth enthusiasts and a small, forward-thinking movement of alternative energy pioneers. Wind and hydroelectric sources were among the original strategies by which early electrical power as generated.

Massive solar arrays have already appeared on the rooftops of many government and commercial facilities, but residences relying solely on alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power remain relatively rare.

There are a number of ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint and reliance on third parties for energy. Plug into the sun and wind!

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Real Goods Solar SupersourceSolar on A Shoestring is a proud affiliate of Real Goods Alternative Energy & Green Living Supersource. Real Goods is the original retail distributor of solar panels in the US and continues to be one of the most trusted and reliable source of alternative energy supplies and information.

Visit their store to browse the latest in thin-film photovoltaic panelsicon, pure sine-wave inverters for grid-tie and off-grid applications, wind turbines, and ingenious ideas for an ecological lifestyle.

Real Goods Solar will match or beat any price on PV Modules with a valid written price quote.

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* Solar Panel/Windmill photo provided by 917Press via CreativeCommons

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